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Who is  top of the page Last modified: Friday, June 09, 2006

Hi, and Welcome to owned by  is the on-line shop for car accessories, car electronics, car styling and New / Used Car Sales Dealers Network, which is bringing you a very large variety of auto products at the right price.
Packed with  numerous businesses / sellers, you have a more selective opportunity in just one place.

How do I place an order  top of the page Last modified: Friday, June 09, 2006

The best way to find the product you are after, is to use the Search facilities we offer on our website.
If you know the part number then just write it in (ex.CDX-GT200), select from the drop down menu the right Category (ex. Car Audio) and click the Search button.

If found we will display a list of products available together with pricing information and seller details.
If not there is more likely the product is not available yet. We are doing our best to get as many seller as we can, to provide you with the best choice, but sometimes is proving to be difficult.

When you find the right product, use the button Buy Now to add the product into your shopping cart.

Every product displayed will have a Product Group listing below the name.
(ex. Product Group: Car Audio » CD Players » Panasonic )

By using the links displayed you have the choice of looking for a better price and availability and also buying from the seller of your choice.
Using the buttons labeled new used from will bring you to the product listing where there will be the least 4 tabs labeled "new", "used", "refurbished" and "ex. display" with a number displayed in the (brackets). That number is the total products found for that tab.

To read the product description look for "Jump to Description go down the page " link, usually displayed below the product name, or scroll down the page.

Sometimes you will see this button more details which by clicking on it will bring that product from that seller in its own page.

Now back to purchasing the product/s.

After finding the right product,  and added to your shopping cart using the Buy Nowbutton, click the link " View Cart ", found at the top right corner of every page, to review all items.

Shopping Cart

If nor empty the shopping cart will display a list of items you have added to.
The product/s will have details about condition,  where is getting shipped from, estimated delivery time, and countries that the seller will ship to.
Also the quantity will be displayed. Below that you will see two signs addand decrease.
The addsign, if clicked will increase the existing quantity by one(1).
The decreasesign, if clicked will decrease the existing quantity by (1) or in the case of  having only one(1) product, will move the item to the " Items Removed " displayed below cart listing.

remove itembutton displayed on the " Shopping Cart " list, if clicked will move the item into the " Items Removed " listing.

Shipping Cost

To calculate shipping cost use the select menu, to select the destination country (your country). On select, the page will refresh and the shipping cost will be displayed.
You will also have the shipping cost by seller, which is very helpful to find out how mush shipping will cost you for the same product bought from different seller (based on their location).

Cart Summary

Total: is the quantity multiply by price of the item in cart
Total Weight: is the quantity multiply by  item weight.
      Please note: Some items (ex. Body Kits) have the weight calculated based on the parcel dimension -  called volume weight. If that's the case the weight of the product will be very high.

Shipping Cost: is the total shipping from all seller added together. That might look high, but we have to consider that the products will be shipped from 2 or more different places.

Grand Total: is the Total + Shipping Cost (based on the Total weight)

To Remove items completely from your shopping cart use the button empty cart

Check Out

To go to our secure check out use the button check out
You will be redirected to our secure server, where you will be asked to login if you are a returning customer (shopped on our website before)
using your email address (user-name) and your password that  you choose when registered.

If you are not registered yet then use the button registerwhich  will bring you to  new customer page.
After form completion you will be redirected to the check out page, where you can review you Shopping Cart details, Shipping and Billing Address
and if everything is correct, click on the " confirm order " button.
If payment is approved, an email will be dispatched to you and also a copy to the seller with the order id and order details.

How to get a Seller Account  top of the page Last modified: Saturday, June 10, 2006
To get a Car Parts & Accessories Seller Account with read: » Open a Seller Account
Car Sales How to?  top of the page Last modified: Saturday, April 12, 2008

• Dealers

If you are a car sales dealer and would like to advertise your stock using website, please go to >> Car Sellers

We have created a short video to help you with advertising your stock on our website. 

• Private Sellers

To be able to sell your car using website you will need to be a registered customer. 
To register click here Click here to register with

If you are a registered customer or after you just registered, you can add your car for  sale using your account manager.
The link my accountmy account is located at the top of every page on website.

After loging into your account, click on the link at the top of the page that says "my cars for sale".

If you already have car/s for sale, they will be listed on that page.
On the left hand side of the listing you'll notice a few links:

"Sold", - Will mark the car as SOLD
"Edit" - Edit vehicle details
"Comment" - add a comment about
"Delete"  - Delete vehicle for sale
"Car Sale Images"  - add / manage vehicle images 


To add a new car for sale use the "Add" link available on "my cars" page. Complete the form, and click on the "Add" button.

To add images (highly recommended) click on the link "Car Sale Images Details". If no images are displayed use the link "Add" to upload it from your computer on to our server. You can add as many images as you like, which will help in selling your car quicker.

Every 25-30 days the car will be automatically checked to see if  it is still Active (For Sale) and if so, an email reminder will be sent to you to update details. If  you fail to update it, the car will be automatically updated for you as "Sold" and it will no longer be displayed on the website.
The car will be still available on your account for another 30 days after that, giving you a chance to advertise it again if the sale did not go through, after which  it will be automatically removed from the database including images that has been uploaded on the server.

You can also watch this video we have made available on -  


• Private Sellers
Help with Browsing Car Sale  top of the page Last modified: Saturday, July 29, 2006

The first time you access the Car Sale page you will see a list of cars sorted by date added, descending.

To search for cars use the search form provided at the top of the page.


Select the make from the first drop-down menu. Based on the  selection you have made, the next menu will be populated with available models for your selection (Make). The number included between the parentheses (1) is the number of cars available for that make and model.

The next menu (optional) is the condition of the car you are after - New or Used. Used is probably the best option or leave it as it is All.

and To menus: optional selection 
Selecting the year from and year to, the search will be more accurate and will return less results.

If you are happy with your selections, click on the Search Button. If any cars are found a list will be displayed below.

To view the car details, click on the Make / Model displayed in line on the page.
A new page will open and all details available for the selected car will be displayed, including information about the Seller and contact details.
If the seller accepts to be contacted by email a send email link Send email will be available and if you click on it a form will be displayed. Fill in all questions you have and click on the Send Email  button. If you have a car that you would like to trade-in against the new purchase, check the box that says Do you have a Trade-In? and complete the Trade-in Details field, giving as much information about your existing car.

When viewing a car, all details will be displayed on the left-hand side, and all images (thumbnail format) if any will be displayed on the right-hand side. To get the bigger picture, click on any of the small image available.

Below the images you will notice a few links, and if wondering what they are, read on.

ø Add to Watch List

This is a very useful option. Can be used  to create a list of cars you like "My Watch List" that can be retrieve at any time from any computers, for a later decision, or to show to somebody else at a later stage, helping you make the best choice.
To avail of this option you first must be register on our website. If you are registered, then you must be loged in.

ø  View my Watch List 

If you have any cars added to your watch list, this link will display them on a new page.

ø Notify me of changes for this car 

If you would like to be notified if the seller made any changes to the car details (Price and availability), click on Notify me of changes for this car link.
The car will be automatically added to you notify list, and if the car price has changed or the car has been sold, you will receive an email about it.

ø Notify me when similar car has been added 

By selecting to be notified if similar cars has been added, anytime a seller adds a new car with the same make and model as the one in your Notify list, an email will be forwarded to you including a link for you to check it out.

ø Show me similar cars 

This link will do a quick search in our database looking for similar cars with the one you are looking at.

ø Recommend to friend/s 

If you know anybody that is looking for a car, and you have found it on our website, click on this link. 
A new window will open and on completion, click on the send button. 
The email will automatically be forwarded to your list of friends you have entered in the list.

Can I trust the sellers?  top of the page Last modified: Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Yes, you can.  

Some of Terms and Conditions for sellers (excluding new/used cars) are:
 *Please Note: "You" means "the seller"

1. You need to be a registered company
2. You need to be registered for VAT.
3. You must own the business or have permission from the business owner to do so.
4. All products must be car related.
5. All products must carry out the least 12 months warranty. 

If in doubt you can always send us an email:
How do I add a car for sale?  top of the page Last modified: Saturday, April 12, 2008

To advertise a car for sale as a private seller please read How to Add a car for Sale >>