The Eagerly Awaited Dacia Brand Arrives In Ireland


The Eagerly Awaited Dacia Brand Arrives In Ireland 

Shockingly Affordable Duster to hit Irish Roads  
Having taken the global car market by storm in recent years, the arrival of Dacia in Ireland is
expected to shake things up  – a lot!
At a time when prices seem to be climbing for almost everything else, Dacia brings a
refreshing smart-buy concept to Ireland and is one  of the most exciting motor stories of
2012. Its arrival here will see the Duster SUV in Irish showrooms in January 2013, at a
shockingly affordable €14,990.
However, customers will be delighted to know that they can test drive and order their
Duster now through their local Dacia Dealership.  The launch of Dacia Duster in Europe in
2010 saw such a demand from eager customers that resulted in a six-month waiting list for
the much anticipated vehicle in Germany and France.
The SUV segment is the fastest growing segment in Ireland and is up 9% YTD on 2011.
Almost 90% of vehicles in the SUV segment are over  €22,500 to buy new or even over
€24,500 to have the equivalent diesel engine for the best seller of the segment, so with that
in mind, the Duster will quickly become a very attractive contender for those looking at
buying a new SUV, a new family car or even a used car.
The multi-award winning Duster will wow buyers with its chunky and unpretentious styling,
impressive and versatile interior space, peerless build quality and unbeatable value for
money. The eagerly-awaited Duster SUV is expected to kick its segment competitors into
touch with its super-mini or in some cases city-car pricing. Quite simply no other car in the
country will offer the same price, size and equipment for the money.
The Duster will be available in Ireland in both 4×2 and 4×4 guises with one diesel engine size,
a punchy 1.5 dCi 110Bhp in Band B with two trims, Alternative 4×2 and Signature 4×2, 4×4,
and comes with an up to five year unlimited mileage warranty.
Everything that Dacia does is centred on simplicity and eliminating the unnecessary. Its
model range in Ireland, Duster, Sandero Hatch launching in January 2013, Sandero CrossOver and Grand Sandero launching later in 2013, reflect this, giving customers the ability to
buy exactly what they need and nothing more.
Julien Lelorrain, Marketing Director, Dacia Ireland 
“Dacia has arrived and this brand will shake up the Irish motor industry. It could not be a
better time to announce the price of Ireland’s smartest buy. Dacia is generous, reliable,
simple and smart. We believe Dacia will change the way people buy cars. No doubt that the
launch of Dacia in Ireland will continue its great success of being the fastest growing brand
in Europe.”
Dacia DNA… 
So what makes Dacia tick? 
It offers an unbeatable combination of price and size versus competitors, functional cleverly
designed cars, reliability with proven engine technology which is robust and built to stand
the test of time and it’s a smart buy.
About Dacia – The Brand: 
Dacia re-emerged amidst a blaze of publicity in 2004 with the Logan, which sold 65,000 units
in the first year. In 2010 Dacia became France’s fourth bestselling brand and the Duster
becoming the bestselling 4×4 in the country. Eight  years on and with five more models
under its belt, Dacia has been trying to keep up with surging global demand for its high
quality reliable and affordable vehicles ever since. Since 2004, over 1.8 million Dacia models
have been sold.
In 2011, Dacia was Europe’s fastest growing car brand, coming out tops in Romania and
Dacia Reliability: 
When it comes to reliability, Dacia excels. Every model is extensively tested, primarily so
that they can cope with tough terrain and weather extremes. Dacia makes extensive use of
proven and honed technology from within the Renault-Nissan alliance to ensure cars are
built to stand the test of time with impressive results – Dacia was just awarded “Most
Reliable Car brand” by 30,000 survey respondents in 5 countries (France, Italy, Spain,
Belgium and Portugal). (Feb. 2012)
Dacia – A social phenomenon: 
In just eight years, the Dacia brand has developed  a thriving community of owners who
never miss an opportunity to be together or communicate. Its web forums are twice as busy
as those of other brands. This sense of community, the popularity of the Dacia models and
the diversity of its expanding range has given rise to a whole new approach to motoring. In
2011, more than 10,000 proud owners took part in a  variety of Dacia Community events
across Europe! Dacia – the ‘Smart Buy’ brand:
For several years now, the Dacia brand has pioneered a revolutionary approach to car
– Generous: for the average price of a given segment, Dacia customers have access to a
vehicle from the next segment up, with plenty of space for passengers and luggage.
– Reliable: Dacia is ranked among the very top brands for reliability and low servicing costs.
– Simple: fuss-free ownership, from the day the vehicle is bought to its resale. Dacia pricing
is straightforward and transparent, while the brand’s models are among the markets very
best when it comes to holding their value.
– Smart: Buying a Dacia is seen as a ‘smart buy’, which allows customers to purchase only
what they really need:
Dacia allows countless motorists who previously had to settle for a used vehicle to own a
new vehicle with a uniquely extensive specification. Dacia vehicles are known to be
simple, generous, robust and 100 % functional. They also deliver exceptional cabin space
for the sort of price tag that was normally only associated with used vehicles, and their
outstanding reliability provides real peace of mind, with low servicing costs backed up to
five years unlimited mileage warranty.
The Dacia Duster will be available at the nine dedicated Dacia Dealers around the country.
Visit  to find your nearest dealer.
Notes to Editors:
See Dacia Duster Specifications on USB
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Eugene said,  

Having driven from Eire to Ukraine in May2012,i was amased at the amount of Dacia Dusters that were on the motorways of Europe.The Duster name stands out as tis written on the back of the vehicle in big capital letters.(by the way i am a big fan of Lada vehicles myself).The new Dacia Duster is totally different to the earlier Dacia Dusters that came out in the 80s.I look forward to seeing the Dacia Duster in Right Hand Drive.Eugene