Fitting a CD Player into a Toyota Yaris

Very often we get asked “How to fit an after market radio into a Toyota Yaris?”

Today we are going to show you how simple it is. The Toyota Yaris has a factory build-in radio which is part of the dashboard itself and no fascia adaptor has been made available to replace the original radio.
But, below the radio there is a pocket, and if removed will allow us to fit an aftermarket head unit, and that’s exactly what we are going to show you below.

Tools needed for the job:
1. Insulating Tape
2. Phillips screw-driver
3. 1 x Toyota ISO Adaptor Loom picture below

1. First we are going to remove the knobs from the heating system which will uncover 2 screws that we also need to remove:


2. Remove the ashtray below the original radio and behind it you will see 2 other screws that needs to be removed as well:


3. Pull the top panel (heating panel) towards you and move it a bit upwards to unvail the other 2 screw behind it that hold the original radio in place, which we are going to remove as well:


4. With all the screws removed the radio should easily be pulled out of it place:


5. At the back of the radio you will notice 3 white plugs, but we only need to remove 2 of them, which will be plugged into the Toyota ISO Adaptor pictured at the start:


6. Connect the ISO Adaptor into the 2 original plugs removed from the radio:


7. Now we are going to remove the pocket located below the original radio to make space for the new after-market CD / MP3 Player head unit  :



8. Once the pocket is removed, we are ready to get the new radio in the empty space but first we need to remove the cage and the surrounding plastic panel from the new head unit as shown below:


so the new radio will look like this:


9. With these two things removed, now we can force the new radio in the empty space left when the pocket has been removed and we are going to use 2 small screws to fix it into the cage that holds the original radio, but make sure those 2 screws are long enough to hold the radio but not too long to touch the inside mechanism. They should be only 5-7mm long.


and this is how it should look from the front…


10. Plug the new radio loom into the Toyota ISO adaptor as shown below:


then connect it at the back of the new radio. Don’t forget to plug in the aerial connector as well.

11. Now you are ready to put everything back in its place starting with the radio..


and screw back the 4 bolts that are holding this panel in place. Two above the radio and two below it located behind the removed ashtray.

12. Push back the top panel (heating) and fit the 2 screws removed before and put back the 3 knobs as well.
This is how everything should look when finished:



As you can see, it wasn’t that hard and in less than 1/2 hour you are ready to listen to your favourite Cd’s or Mp3’s.
Enjoy your music.

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274 Users Responded in " Fitting a CD Player into a Toyota Yaris "

Gergana said,  

i bought a toyota yaris 2001 and the genuine player is there, but the front pannel is missing.Could you tell me what’s the details of the player, so if i know it i can try to find a front pannel for it.Thanks

Jess said,  


on the picture underneath the tape player u have a pocket but in my Yaris 2003 i have a cd player that was put in by toyota! its rubbish doesnt play disks at all!!skips the whole way through or just play and comes up with error1 all the time i want to replace it with a my own cd player, can i follow the instructions above still ? halford have told me there is no way to fit a cd player in a yaris because i need a face that has been made as yet ! please help thanks x said,  

Of course you can.

Mick said,  

Hi, I’m back again…didn’t get any solution from anybody regarding fitting the radio to 99 Yaris…does this mean I will have to go to an auto electrician ? Regards, Mick.

EamonX1 said,  

the only thing I can say is that I fitted it myself successfully (see above on this thread)on a Toyota Yaris 2001. Unless there is any difference in the models you should be able to do it too – as I am not a great mechanic, but am reasonably practical. Check to see whether the models are different?? Look at my posts above.

finchie said,  

thank you so much!! after a dozen car shops across dublin my girlfriend gave up trying to find a way of fitting a cd player. i found this online and fitted it in 20 mins! your a hero man! great xmas present for my misses 🙂

nat2704 said,  

Hi there,

I have recently bought a 2001 Toyota yaris with an original Tape player and no CD player – just like the image above.
Since buying the car the sound as competely stopped working – however you can change the radio stations, bass and turn the display on/off, just no sound at all comin from either speakers.
I have had it checked over by a handyman and there is no problem with fuse, aerial or connections in the back so can you suggest what the prob might be?
I only really listen to the radio so I do not really need a CD, but this is the option i was told to buy to get the sound working :S
Can you help please? thanks!!

George said,  

Wonderful how to article.
Any input on how to change the 2 front speakers of the Yaris and what replacement speakers to use?
Thank you.

Great post! It is very helpful! I’m just going to replace the original cassette player to the original CD player 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂

JImS said,  

Thanks for the great guide.
A question though if you dont mind.
I have previously using your guide fitted a cd player in a X reg yaris with out any problems.
A fried has now askied me to fit one in to a 2003 yaris can you please tell me are the fitting instructions the same as it has a different looking dash board than the X reg.
Cheers Jim

cyril said,  

fits also well with a toyota yaris verso
great help article

ajpercy15 said,  

Hi nat2704

I have experienced the same problem as you. Did you manage to work out what was wrong in the end?

YarisOwner said,  

I have just bought a second hand 03 Yaris, with a Toyota CD player already fitted in the pocket. As I want to fit an aftermarket CD player to plug my iPod in, do I just complete the same process? Will I still need to buy an adaptor loom, or will one be attached to the Toyota CD player?

bridden552 said,  


i have a yaris 1999 it doesn’t have the tape deck just the cd player and radio would i still be able to install a new unit without any problems?

Roodi said,  

I have a 99’Yaris that the cig lighter, radio and tape unit have stopped working in.I have he ked and replaced the fuses but it still does not work. If I fit a new radio as your instruction will it work or is there’s underlying problem I need to fix

Beccahaf said,  

Hi! I used your guide about a year ago. And the power outlet/cigarette lighter doesnt work. It can’t e the fuse as the clock woks fine! Any suggestions? Thanks

David T said,  

Thank you – works like a charm 🙂

yol said,  

Muchas gracias, muy bueno, ya conecté mi audiocar Pioneer DEH-1400UB y sin ningún problema, seguí todas sus instrucciones y perfecto. Me compre el conector PC2 17-4 para Yaris y me ahorré la mano de obra unos 30 €. Muchas gracias por tan buena publicación.

johnathan said,  

Great!, Cheers very much for this, i just fitted a CD player into my old Yaris and it sounds great!, even tempted me to clean the car. Instructions spot on and even took me less than 15 mins (unbelievable for me).
Cheers again

Terry said,  

This probably saved me an hour trying to figure out where all the screws were. Job done. Thanks much.

worthy9992 said,  

i folowed the guide put all of it back together but when i turn the car on nothing works my old desplay is not on and the cd player is not on as well?

Hugo said,  

Hi, tried following this guide for a 05 yaris (interior looks exactly like the pictures). I removed the four screws but can’t pull the radio out! The lower half comes free but the top wot budge! Any help would be appreciated!

Jelle said,  

Excellent explanation! The cd player works like a charmin the 2000 Yaris, and the on board trip info still works fine.
Thank you very much. About Hugo’s question: it took a slight force to pull the radio out, but it should be a big struggle. Otherwise, something may have changed with the 2005 model.

phil said,  

Fitted the new Kenwood CD player as per guide and worked great.Until turned side lights and 7.5 amp fuse blows. Existing cassette wired back no problems. Notice the Kenwood has a built in 10 map fuse. Will the unit need wiring to a different circuit as it seems more powerful than the old unit? Thanks.