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Stolen BMW M5 – Keep a lookout

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Registration plate: 99-D-10

Stolen from Dublin 4 (kicked in door)

If anyone sees it let me know or leave a comment here and I’ll let the owner know.


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November 7th, 2007

Stolen Blue Toyota Rav4 in Dublin – Foxrock

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Hi all,

If you see a Toyota RAV 4 Reg no. 02 WW 4184, stolen yesterday from Foxrock.

Here is summary from news:

Gardai in Dublin are investigating the theft of a large quantity of designer clothing in the south of the city earlier this week.

The items were inside a Toyota Rav4 that was taken from outside a house in Foxrock two days ago.

Two people wearing hoodies jumped into the vehicle and sped away towards Leopardstown.

The jeep contained 57 pieces of clothing by designer Paul Costello, seven antique garments by Ib Jorgension and six by Richard Lewis.

if you have any information PM me and I will pass on to owner or contact the Gardai on 01 6665400


The car in question is a Rav4 2.0 GX 5 door in reflective blue.

The 2.0 diesel and petrol models are easy to spot form the far more popular 1.8 petrol as they have the wider wheels and also wheelarch extensions.
The petrol models don’t have an airscoop on the bonnet, only the diesels.

So it’s got the wider arches, but no air scoop.

The car in question should look exactly like the one on the right, (presuming it’s not 2 tone) the one on left being 1.8

The Rav4 in question would look like the one with the square foglights, the round ones are on the facelift model, just in case they’ve stuck 04 or 05 plates on it.

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October 26th, 2007