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New Golf Pushes Volkswagen to the Number One Spot

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The eagerly awaited first quarter results for new car sales are in and can reveal that Volkswagen is now officially Ireland’s best selling brand for 2013 (year to date).

The closing stages of the race proved to be extremely significant with 56% of March’s total registrations recorded on the last five days of the month.

Nevertheless the German manufacturer crossed the finish line with 4,882 cars registered; a comfortable 747 units ahead of Japanese rival Toyota who came in at 4,135.

The Volkswagen Golf proved to be largely unstoppable and a major part of the brands quarterly success. figures show that there were 2,083 new Golf’s registered in the first quarter of this year representing a whopping 43% of Volkswagen’s total sales. No surprise then that it’s the most popular car this year ahead of the Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus in second and third place respectively.

The overall market does however remain somewhat depressed. Total sales for 2013 are 13% down on 2012 with 39,595 new cars registered against 45,593 for the equivalent period in 2012.

The only brands in the Top 10 to show an increase in volumes registered were Hyundai (up 25%), Audi (up 13%) and Kia (up 5%).

Popular brands Renault, Toyota & Ford suffered the biggest losses with a drop of 47%, 29% and 23% respectively.

The industry will now set its sights firmly on July 1st when it’s hoped that the ‘13-2’ number plate will stimulate a ‘second coming’ for new car sales.


Top 10 Makes                      Units              Market Share

Volkswagen                            4,882              12.33%

Toyota                                    4,135              10.44%

Ford                                        3,851              9.73%

Nissan                                     3,364              8.5%

Hyundai                                 3,282              8.29%

Skoda                                      2,756              6.96%

Opel                                        2,634              6.65%

Audi                                        2,060              5.20%

Kia                                          1,815              4.58%

Renault                                   1,805              4.56%



Top 10 Models                     Units              Market Share

Volkswagen Golf                    2,083              5.26%

Nissan Qashqai                      1,994              4.91%

Ford Focus                             1,500              3.79%

Ford Fiesta                             1,336              3.37%

Toyota Auris                          1,219              3.08%

Volkswagen Passat                1,134              2.86%

Opel Astra                              1,051              2.65%

Toyota Yaris                           1,036              2.62%

Skoda Octavia                        1,034              2.61%

Toyota Avensis                      973                 2.46%

April 6th, 2013

Ireland’s new car sales already exceed 2009 figure

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The Society of the Irish Motor Industry says new car sales so far this year have already exceeded the total for 2009.

Just over 57,000 new cars were bought last year, the lowest number in many years.

However, the industry says it is already exceeded that figure in the first five months of 2010.

It is now thought that up to 80,000 new cars will be sold this year.

Director General of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry, Alan Nolan, says the scrappage scheme has helped to kick start things.

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May 28th, 2010

Ireland – 73% increase in new cars year-on-year

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New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that there was a 73% increase in the number of new private cars registered in April, compared to the same month last year.

There were 9,599 new cars were officially registered in April 2010, compared to 5,558 in April 2009.

The bulk of the new cars, some 65%, were diesel, while 30% were petrol, with less than 1% petrol and electric hybrid.

Volkswagen was the most popular make during April, with 1,222 cars registered, followed by Renault, Toyota and Ford.

The number of new goods vehicles registered in April was also up compared to the same month last year – although only by 8%.

May 13th, 2010

New car registrations up 90% for March

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Today’s statistics from the Car Index show that a dramatic increase in new car registrations for March has reversed last years trend of falling sales for the first quarter.

The official figures for March show an increase of 90% for passenger vehicles registered in Ireland as against the same month in 2009 (7,291 registered in March 2009 as against 13,861 for March 2010). Year-to-date statistics for the industry show passenger sales have increased 38% from 31,064 to 42,795 on an overall basis.

Trend Reversed?

Motorcheck’s figures show that sales fell between February and March by 605 units in 2009. However statistics for 2010 demonstrate a clear u-turn with registrations actually increasing by 1,544.

Commenting on the new trend, Director Shane Teskey says “A buoyant used car market encouraged car rental companies to sell their older cars and refresh their fleets with newly registered cars (hire drives) in the first quarter this year. It appears that a significant number of these cars were registered in late March which would have supported the overall increase seen so far this year”.

‘Hire drives’ are vehicles that are registered specifically for car rental companies and normally return to the used car market after six or nine months on rental duty. Although accounting for a significant portion of new cars sold so far this year, the car rental industry is still experiencing a shortage of cars. Operators in the sector blame the lack of available finance as a serious problem for car dealers that would normally supply much greater numbers of new cars to the rental industry.

“Banks that previously would have supported car dealers with short term finance arrangements for hire drives are now running scared” says Teskey. “One rental company informed Motorcheck that they registered at least 50% less cars this year than last and could now be forced to rent older cars”.

League Table

Top of the table for ‘Manufacturer’ in March is Ford with 1,976 (14% of the total market) registrations. This represents an increase of 125% for the manufacturer when compared with March of last year.

The Nissan Qashqai is the number one selling model for March with 773 units (an increase of 221% on last year) followed by the Ford Focus at 718 (an increase of 135% on last year).

Diesel continues to outsell Petrol with 63% (8,790) of new vehicles registered.

Over 76% of all vehicles registered fall into the lower CO2 categories. Band A represents 4,550 vehicles with Band B totaling 6,120.

Silver and Black continue to be the most popular colours (25% and 24% respectively) and 58% of all passenger vehicles registered falling into the body type category of hatch / lift back.

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April 2nd, 2010


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Today’s newly released statistics from the Car Index show that new car registrations for the month of February exceeded those recorded last year by an encouraging 55%. This relates to 12,310 units for 2010 as compared with 7,896 in 2009. 

Commenting on the major increase Director Shane Teskey says “It’s great to see sales rising at such a level. The government scrappage scheme has given the industry a much needed boost. One significant benefit is that buying a new car is no longer seen as ‘politically incorrect’ and consumers are starting to take advantage of the highly discounted pricing strategy adopted by manufacturers”. 

Total sales for 2010 are now 21% ahead of 2009 and with pre-orders building look set to continue ahead of last years low. 

The number of used cars being imported into the state has also started to increase. Although still behind last year’s figures by 25% this is a substantial improvement on the 46% drop experienced in January. 

League Table

Top of the table for ‘Manufacturer’ in February is Toyota with 4,036 registrations. Ford comes second just 105 registrations behind with their Fiesta and Focus models have proven to be first and second most popular models with 1,471 and 1,348 respectively.

Diesel continues to outsell Petrol with 59% (17,047) of new vehicles registered.

Band B moves up a percentage point as the most common tax class with 44% (12,750) of all registrations.

The battle for most popular colour gets close as only 17 registrations now separates Silver (7,157) from Black (7,140) as the most popular colour on Irish roads.

There have been 86 convertibles registered in Ireland so far this year. 

Further information please contact: 

Shane Teskey            

Tel: 086 8079066

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March 5th, 2010

New Car Sales Disappoint With Tiny Rise On Last Year

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Today’s newly released statistics from the Car Index show that new car registrations for the month of January exceeded those recorded last year by a disappointing 4.6%. This relates to 16,612 units for 2010 as compared with 15,877 in 2009.

Commenting on the slow start Director Shane Teskey says “Given that the majority of sales occur in the first quarter, it’s a disappointing start meaning that dealers will be concerned about the total sales potential for 2010.”  

“Anecdotally we’re hearing that an inability to source finance is still a serious problem. Although an improvement in consumer confidence and a manufacturer strategy of heavily discounting new car prices has generated significant interest in the sector, the ‘finance famine’ currently being experienced by new car dealers is suffocating sales” he said. 

Revenue coffers will be bit hit with a double blow as combined with poor sales in new cars, the number of used cars being imported to Ireland dropped 47% in January 2010 against registrations recorded for January 2009. Used cars being imported to Ireland are subject to Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) a significant part of the tax take which has been declining rapidly in recent months.

League Table

Top of the table for ‘Manufacturer’ in January is Ford with 2,641 registrations. Their Fiesta and Focus models have proven to be first and second most popular with 1,060 and 922 respectively.
Diesel continues to outsell Petrol with 59% (9,768) of new vehicles registered. 

Band B is by far the most common tax class with 43% (7,212) of all registrations.
Only 50 registrations separates Silver (4,070) from Black (4,020) as the most popular colour on Irish roads.

Shane Teskey
Benchmark Fleet Services Limited

February 1st, 2010

New Car Sales For 2010 Fail To Take Off

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Latest registration statistics from car history provider show that year on year sales for new passenger cars are down 31% on 2009 figures.

 The latest statistics which include all new car registrations up to January 12th show a total of 5,521 new passenger registrations in 2010 as against 8,032 for the same period in 2009.

 Commenting on the results Shane Teskey, Director at said “These are not the sales figures the industry was hoping for. All indicators toward the end of 2009 pointed to a relatively strong order book for 2010. There have been a lot of changes to the way dealers finance the stocking of their forecourts and it may be that cars are not being registered until the new owner is on site to collect. With the recent bad weather it may be that customers simply can’t get to their dealership to collect their new car”.

 Ford have the top spot in both petrol and diesel segments. The Ford Fiesta has sold in excess of two hundred and sixty petrol units while the number of new diesel Ford Focus sold is over three hundred and thirty. At the luxury end of the market, BMW have registered thirteen of the prestigious 7 Series and Mercedes Benz have plated nine of their S-Class models.

 Dublin has the greatest number of vehicles registered at 1,603 (29%) with Leitrim bringing up the rear at just 20 (0.4%) new cars.

The statistics also show that the number of used cars being imported into the country is down drastically on last year. For the first twelve days of 2010 only 942 second hand cars have been registered. Compared to 2009 figures of 1,934 for the same period the fall is over 51%. 


The Car Index is compiled on a daily basis from new vehicle registration statistics supplied by the vehicle registration office and published online at Regional statistics by county are also available.

January 16th, 2010