Thousands of Ex-Taxis to Flood Used Car Market

Car History Check website today warned potential car buyers that new rules from the Taxi Regulator could mean a surge of ex-taxis entering the used car market. 

New rules introduced by the Taxi Regulator mean that from January 2011 all taxi and hackney licenses falling due for renewal (irrespective of when they were first issued) may be granted only to vehicles that are less than nine years old. estimates that up to 10,000 vehicles could be affected when the new regulations come into force and expects that many of these cars will be disposed of in the private market.
Commenting on the development, Shane Teskey – Managing Director at advised buyers to be extra vigilant when appraising cars with a 2001 registration or older. “Buying an ex-taxi is not necessarily a bad thing. Many of the vehicles being forced out of public service by these new rules will have been very well maintained and are capable of serving in a private capacity perfectly well.” 
However he cautioned that buying an ex-taxi does have its risks and he advises that anyone purchasing one ensures that it is thoroughly checked by a qualified mechanic before committing to a purchase.
“It’s very important is that potential buyers are made aware that the vehicle was previously used as a taxi so that they can take the time to check that it’s mechanically sound before committing to a  purchase. Whilst we would hope that all sellers inform potential buyers about a cars past history as a taxi, we’re only too aware that some unscrupulous sellers may try to take advantage by changing the cars tax status to a private vehicle before offering it for sale.”

Buyers can avoid being duped by checking a cars registration number on line at
For €20 the History Report will tell you if the car has ever been used as a Taxi, Hackney or Limousine as well as various other checks useful for anyone buying a used car.

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