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Prepare your car for winter

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The winter is coming and now is the time to start getting your car ready.
We have put together few things to help you go through this with as little trouble as possible.

1. Have the cooling system checked and replaced if needed – new antifreeze is the best option.
2. Before adding the new cooling system, have a quick check for leaks.
3. Check the radiators and hoses to be in good shape.
4. Check fan belt for cracks or wear. Have them replaced if needed.
5. Check all wipers for tear and wear. Best have them replaced as they are not that expensive.
6. Get the brakes checked and replace brake pads if needed.
7. Check your tyres for wear and tear including pressure (check the manual for the right pressure).
8. Make sure your spare tyre is ready for use – right air pressure and good tread.
9. Check your heater, and windows defroster / defogger – make sure are in working condition.
10. Check your battery and replace it if needed so.
11. Have your charging system checked out.
12. Always have plenty gas in your tank.
13. Always have emergency equipment in your car. This includes: Starter Cables (jump start leads), it’s worth the money to invest into a Emergency Battery Jumpstart, a flash light (few spare batteries), first aid kit, few basic tools (screw-driver, spanners, etc.), a blanket, always carry a mobile phone or small change for public phones, anything that you might think it could come in handy.

The time you spend preparing your car for winter, will pay off  when you have to travel during that time.

Please Note:  Drive more carefully during the winter time, do not exceed speed limits and remember the car is only as safe as its driver is careful.

If you prefer to leave this job to the professionals you can always book your car on-line for a service on our website: Book you car for service. 

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November 7th, 2007