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Go&Pay New Payment System

2 comments Posted by, Car Parts & Used Cars For Sale, is happy to announce the new Go&Pay payment system implemented into the website, powered by

What is Go&Pay?

Go&Pay™, powered by, is a revolutionary new system that enables customers to buy goods and services online and then pay offline at any participating outlet using cash or debit card.

Eliminating the security issues surrounding the use of either credit or debit cards for online purchases and ideal for those who do not have a bank account yet wish to shop on the Internet, the go&pay™ system can easily be integrated into any online shopping or services environment.

Online, at the point of financial transaction, the customer selects go&pay™ as the preferred payment option whereupon a unique barcode is generated which, once printed, effectively reserves the required goods for the customer until they are able to take their printed barcode voucher to any participating outlet and pay, offline.

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July 5th, 2008
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