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Tips for selling your used car faster

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If you’ve got a car for sale you’re more than likely very eager to move it as fast as humanly possible.
It may even not only be a want , but a need!
You may need the cash for other pressing needs, so here are several tips to help you get that vehicle out of your name and cash into your pocket ASAP!

Clean it up! – Make sure you present you car in the best condition you can.
Take some time to detail it before you list it, as you don’t want the first people who look (who are often your best prospects: they’re actively looking!) to be put off simply because you haven’t gotten around to it.

Post great pictures – If you list it online or take out a print ad, insert the best photographs you can.
A good picture can often make the difference in whether someone even comes to take a look.

Be honest – Tell the truth about the car’s condition.
Nothing will sour a deal faster than having them discover it on their own.

Have the paperwork at hand – Don’t try and sell it without proper paperwork.
This smells like you’re hiding something at the very least, and makes you look pretty lame.

Emphasize the benefits – Make sure to highlight how your vehicle can help them.
It may be the perfect soccer mom-mobile, delivery truck, chick magnet, whatever.
You need to size up your potential buyer and see what their needs are, and try and fill them!

Price it right! – Determine a fair market price, and then add a bit for haggling purposes.
Know in your mind what you’ll accept and what you won’t, and stick to it.

These tips will give your car the best chance to be seen and purchased by someone for the best price you can get for it – and fast!
Good Luck with your ad.

August 6th, 2009