RSA warns on driver fatigue ahead of August 2011 Bank Holiday weekend

As the August Bank Holiday nears and thousands of people prepare to head off for the weekend, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Síochána are reminding drivers to be aware of the dangers of driving while tired.

The call comes as research suggests that driver fatigue could be a contributory factor in as many as one in five driver deaths in Ireland every year.
Furthermore, this risk is increased during a bank holiday weekend when there are more drivers on the roads, often travelling long journeys without a break.

Previous research conducted by the RSA into driver fatigue revealed that two in five drivers believed that rolling down the windows will combat tiredness while driving.
However, the RSA has reminded drivers that these tactics don’t work and that driving while tired can be more dangerous than drink driving.

Noel Brett, Chief Executive, Road Safety Authority said:

“We’ve heard many stories about how people stay awake behind the wheel of the car, including rolling down the windows, turning up the music and even trapping their hair in the sun roof.
Although these are certainly creative, they don’t work and will not stop you falling asleep if you’re a tired driver.
The only cure for driver fatigue is sleep so if you’re behind the wheel of the car, don’t risk your life, the lives of your passengers or other people on the road by fighting sleep at the wheel.
Pull in somewhere safe, drink a cup of coffee and take a 15 minute nap.
When you wake up, get out of the car, walk around and get some air.
This should allow you to drive for another hour.”

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