RSA Driving Test – Their Own Rules Of The Road

Recently, a very good friend of mine has undergo her driving test but failed once again (talking about third time lucky-NOT).

Please Note: It didn’t bother me at all that she failed the test, but when I’ve heard WHY, I got really upset, so I decided to contact the RSA Driving Test Office.

Tried by phone, but being put on-hold, I decided to fire-up an email which is included below.

To whom it may concern,

RSA, Driving Test
I have been trying to get in contact with you by phone, but due to no reply (being on hold for more than 15min), I am taking this complain by email.

I am just looking to clarify few things regarding the driving test my friend has had yesterday, which of course she failed due to:


  • 1. Failure to stop at a Yield sign…
  • 2. Failure to know that the filter traffic light has a sensor fitted which will detect the cars stopped in the middle of the junction… 

All in all, she failed the test due to the above “mistakes” made. 

Based on the “Rules of the Road” manual, you are not obliged to stop at a “Yield” sign, if there is no incoming traffic, and I quote:


The Yield upright sign shown is just one version of this sign.

Other versions are the same shape and colour but might say ‘Yield Right of Way’, or ‘Geill Sli’.

If you see a Yield sign on the road, usually near a junction or roundabout, you must give way to any traffic on a major road ahead and you must not proceed out onto the main road until it is safe to do so.

It is better to be safe than sorry, make sure you allow enough time to complete your manoeuvre. 


While the information given for a “STOP” sign says: 


It is the only regulatory sign of this shape.

Stop signs appear at junctions with major roads.

If you approach a Stop sign, you must stop completely before entering the major road, no matter how quiet it might appear. 

Respectively … 

The driver must come to a complete stop before entering a major road.

The stop line sometimes appears with an upright Stop sign. 



################## YIELD SIGN ################# 

Coming to a Yield sign junction, on turning right, she was told she should have stopped, looked around, than drive away, but please take in consideration there was not traffic what-so-ever at that time on this particular junction. 

The Instructor didn’t fail to mention few times that: 


If you would have had taken driving lessons with a RSA approved driving instructor, you would have known that that’s the way RSA want you to drive 


################## TRAFFIC LIGHT ################# 

Coming up to the traffic light junction.

Lights are red, so the car comes to a full stop.

She was instructed to make a right turn, so the vehicle was positioned on the inside lane as per manual. 

The light turns Green.

Observing the queue from the opposite incoming traffic, she drove slowly just passing the traffic light (now behind her), showing her intention of turning right to the other drivers.

When seeing a safe gap on the incoming traffic, she moved the vehicle in the centre of the junction, and made the right turn safely, before the filter light was even on.

Please take in consideration, no obstruction of traffic has been done, but she was marked with an “X” due to not making progress at traffic lights

When she questioned the driving tester, she was told: 


You should have moved to the centre of the junction, as soon as the light turned green, as there is a sensor fitted on these lights, and if you have had lesson from an  RSA approved driving instructor, you would’ve known that. 


Please reply to this email ASAP as this issue needs clarification.
If RSA decides to make changes to the way we, the drivers, are supposed to drive on the road, than I think we should know about it ASAP.

Rules of the Road are an international matter and can not be any different than other countries therefore a “Yield” sign it’s a “Yield” sign…

The same day, I got a phone call from the RSA Office looking for more information on this matter as test reference numbers, etc…, and few days later got a letter from the office saying:

 QUOTE:Dear …..,I wish to acknowledge receipt of your complaint regarding your driving test in Tallaght on 18/09/2007 (that should have been 2008 – it’s just a year in difference).Enquiries are now being made with the tester in question through his supervisor and I will be in touch with you again as soon as I have a reply from him.Your sincerely,

Driver Testing Section
Road Safety Authority

but that was the end of that, and after sending another email, I still haven’t got any replies what-so-ever.

We contacted the driving instructor the same day to find out if he’s part of the new Regulation of Driving Instructors due to the fact that she was told few times that, if she would have taken driving lessons from an approved RSA Instructor than she would have know those things.
The answer was YES, he is a RSA approved instructor.
He also said that RSA are changing the way the tester are looking at the Yield sign due to too many accidents that happens after the driver passes the driving test.
But that doesn’t make any sense to me for the simple reson that after failling a driving test, these people are back on the road – so how come they don’t have any accidents then, but only after passing the TEST itself?

Have you undergo your driving test lately and failed?
Tell us about it and please let me know your oppinion on this matter…

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9 Users Responded in " RSA Driving Test – Their Own Rules Of The Road "

Barbara said,  


Just failed my third test today, at the Tallaght centre. I was failed because of lack of observation during the reverse around the corner maneuvre. I was well passed the bend when a car turned into the minor street from my right. The instructor said I failed to look behind, but me being already into the minor road how am I supposed to see the car coming on the other road!!! As the maneuvre started and progressed, there were no cars on the street. The entrance to the estate is about 50 meters from the corner I was told to do the reversing.
It is mental, I feel that I can never win with them…I have been driving for 14 years at home in Argentina and have a full driving license from there. It is quite upsetting at this point.


Chanonica said,  

I failed my test the first time and now i am applying for it again with very little confidence. I was marked as failed for not checking my mirrors, even though I AWLAYS check them but my friend told me that if i dont make an abvious movement with my head to show i am looking then he cannot tell – i read in the manual that if you have to keep moving your head then your mirror is not in the correct position for you and you will be failed. !!! I cant win!

The tester was not wearing his seatbelt so before i started the car i asked that he would (thinking it was a trick) he huffed and said ‘can we just get on with it’. I waited outside the yellow box and he told me i should’ve moved on even though there was traffic ahead of me and meant i’d be sitting in the box.

I am not looking forward to my 2nd time trying as i feel i’ve already failed

Amit said,  

Hi Guys, I am going to have driving test at Broomhill Test Center, I am wondering if you all can give me last minute tips or is there anything I should specially take care ?

Your opnions and comments would be highly apprecieated.
thanks a million in advance.

Debranoelle said,  

I have my driving test tomorrow in Finglas and I have been living abroad for 2 months and Im bricking it! After reading this they sound like proper hard asses, hopefully being near to xmas they are feeling giving¬¬

Tom Cumiskey said,  

Tester are not Hard Asses , They fail no one ,The driver passes or fails themself.
Testers just mark as they see it.
If you want to pass then go to Joe in Award school of Motoring. He is a former driver testers and knows all the tricks of the trade as to speak.

I went with him and I passed

Lobo said,  

weeeell some examiners are just assholes I was failed on my third test for stopping before a roundabout because the moron that was on it was not indicating whether he was going of if or staing or whatever he was planning to do and for approaching a junction with unsafe speed how the fuck 8-10mph is unsafe when there is nobody on either road, should I bee stopping and pushing the car across or what… the second time a white wan driver undertook me whiteout indicating from my lane and started honking when I was changing lanes like normal… bullshit and that’s it. The real reason was me not taking formal lessons that they had the cheek to actually say.. examiners=sales ppl for instructors, bastards said,  

Sorry to hear that Lobo. That are a lot of people that fail because of the other drivers. I don’t think for a second is fair, but they have to make their money one way or another…

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