Revenue Commissioners Crackdown on VRT offences

The Revenue Commissioners has begun a major national crackdown on Vehicle Registration Tax offences.Customs checkpoints, mainly in border counties and major urban areas, started this week and will continue for some time.

The major focus of the blitz is VRT evasion through the use of foreign registered number plates.

Revenue Commissioner Liam Irwin said, ‘We maintain a focus on VRT offences throughout the year but at regular intervals we undertake ‘blitz’ style operations which are high visibility.

‘The focus of this specific campaign is Irish residents illegally driving foreign registered cars.’

He warned that people who attempt to evade VRT ‘will face the consequences’.

Last year Revenue challenged 23,986 vehicles and 1,589 cars were seized for VRT offences.

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1 User Responded in " Revenue Commissioners Crackdown on VRT offences "

John.K1 said,  

Isn’t VRT illegal with respect to EU treaty?
To pay for something what belongs to me and is not matter of the business is absoluteli funny.
No pretectionism?? 🙂 Free trade ? 🙂 Free move? 🙂

Fu… off EU!!

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