Online second-hand car buying tool kit launched to help prospective buyers

People who are unsure about the pros and cons of buying second-hand cars are being offered help thanks to an online tool kit that has been launched by The National Consumer Agency.  This is in response to the Agency receiving almost 2,000 queries about second-hand motors since the start of 2011.

Users of the guide will have access to aspects of financial information for buying a car, which include a personal loan calculator to assist customers to work out how much a vehicle loan will cost as well as an insurance quotes ‘shopping around’ checklist.

The online tool kit also incorporates a guide to purchasing a used vehicle, what steps to take if something goes wrong with the motor and information on the rights of the person buying the car and the responsibilities of both buyers and sellers.

Director of Commercial Practices with the National Consumer Agency, John Shine said, “The same consumer rights do not apply when you are buying from a private seller, so it is a case of buyer beware. A simple precaution such as ensuring the seller is the legal owner of the car, checking the cars documentation history and asking if the car was ever crashed or imported means you can satisfy yourself before you strike a deal.”

It can be a difficult task making sure that when you are buying a second-hand car everything is above board, so checking the National Consumer Agency’s motor buying tool kit can answer some of your queries.

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