New Survey in Ireland shows ‘One in Five’ Cars Clocked

Irish Cars and UK Imports Proven to be of Similar Risk

 Car history check provider today announced the results of an in-depth study into the number of clocked cars in Ireland.

The study is the first of its kind to publish the top twenty makes and models of cars on the road that are potentially clocked. Given that thirty eight individual manufacturers were identified as having fallen victim to the fraud, it is clear that the vast majority of cars are susceptible to the practice and no individual brand is immune.

 The study examined six thousand individual reports that were produced by  this year for private consumers. 

 Of the selection analysed, found one thousand two hundred and twenty four vehicles (20%) were uncovered as having a discrepancy with the vehicles reported odometer reading.

 Commenting on the results Director Shane Teskey said “It’s clear that car clocking is still a very serious problem in Ireland. The results of this analysis returned a discrepancy for one in every five cars which is very worrying and shows that despite the advances in vehicle technology car clocking is still prevalent.”

 The study found that cars registered new outside Ireland only had a slightly greater chance of returning an odometer discrepancy than those registered in Ireland. Of those linked to a UK registration plate 55% were returned with a warning whereas vehicles first registered in Ireland returned a mileage problem in 45% of cases.

 “Car clocking is not something that’s restricted to a particular brand or country of origin” said Mr. Teskey. “There is an expectation amongst private buyers that a car registered new in Ireland is a safer bet than a second hand vehicle imported from the UK but our study shows both groups are at a substantial risk.” operates the Irish National Mileage Register (INMR) which currently holds in excess of 3.9 million odometer readings. For UK registered vehicles the service has access to a database of over 50 million records. claims that the ongoing improvement in its detection rate is directly linked to the quantity and quality of readings compiled by its research team.

 Commenting on the deterrent a Motorcheck report provides Mr. Teskey said, “Interfering with the odometer in a modern car is relatively straight forward for a car clocker but explaining away the warning a documented history from uncovers is a completely different matter altogether. Most car clockers will shy away from selling a car that has had its mileage verified by lest they be caught when they try to sell it later on.” 

Top 20 Makes & Models 

The Top 20 Makes & Models listed below was extrapolated from the study where the affected vehicles are represented as a percentage of the total vehicles active on Irish roads. 

Make Model

No. of clocked vehicles on the road (Estimate)

Ford Focus


Toyota Avensis


Volkswagen Passat


Toyota Corolla


Ford Transit


Volkswagen Golf


Nissan Almera


Audi A4


Ford Mondeo


Renault Megane


Nissan Micra


BMW 3 Series


Skoda Octavia


Opel Astra


Renault Scenic


Honda Civic


Toyota Yaris


Nissan Primera


Peugeot 307


BMW 5 Series



An odometer discrepancy occurs on a report when the documented mileage reading (current or historic) for a car conflicts with a previous reading(s) recorded by the Irish National Mileage Register (INMR). The INMR currently holds just under four million records, each of which are audited by the service and available to every report requested. 

In addition, has access to over fifty million odometer readings in the UK that are consulted daily when verifying the history of an Irish car that has been imported from Britain.

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