Ibher Design – Suzuki Swift Karang Body Kit

Ibher Design just launched the new Suzuki Swift 2005> Body Kit for the 3 door version.

The body kit is available in Non-Wide and Wide version which includes front and rear wheel arch extensions.

Pictures of the Suzuki Swift Wide Body kit

suzuki_karang_01.jpg suzuki_karang_02.jpg suzuki_karang_03.jpg

Pictures of the Suzuki Swift NON-Wide Body Kit

suzuki_karang1_01.jpg suzuki_karang1_02.jpg

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6 Users Responded in " Ibher Design – Suzuki Swift Karang Body Kit "

Miguel Nicholas said,  

Hey i love this body kit and spoiler, how can i get one. Please send me a link with more details

abaz said,  

Hi, first i’m sorry if i write this comment not in a good English. I like this Non wide karang body kit very much, but i live in Indonesia.. Do you have a store in Indonesia ? Thank u for your info…

James Jazz Mulrain said,  

hey guys,

This kit is crazy, I live in the caribbean, Island of Antigua, where can I get ahold of one.

bodykit car said,  

its great and awesome,do you have a store here in the philippines?

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