ho hum: status symbol hummers sold for peanuts

ONCE a trophy vehicle favoured by Celtic Tiger cubs, the Hummer is now being offloaded in growing numbers.

The huge SUV is among the top-end makes that were bought at the height of the boom and are now being put up for sale.

At least 10 Hummers are being sold on used car websites, while repossession of two more vehicles in Dublin are imminent.

One site has reported emigrants selling expensive cars for “peanuts” to get a quick sale before they leave the country. 


Merlin Motor Group has been asked to value two Hummers that are about to be repossessed from limo companies by banks.

“Work has dried up for them,” said David Byrne of Merlin. “The number of private functions has slowed down and people who would have been going the extra mile are now looking for cheaper options.”

Louie Ion, the owner of Cars For Sale Ireland @ funkymotors.ie, said sales had started to pick up after a slack January.

“A lot of people emigrating are selling their cars for peanuts to get a quick sale. Last night we got a private Lexus at €5,500.”

Funkymotors.ie has four Hummers up for sale — the cheapest is the private sale of a 1999 model for €55,000.

The prices go up to €110,000 for a 2009 model with just 100 miles on the clock being sold by a garage.

Carzone.ie has seven Hummers priced between €39,000 for an 05 to €110,000 for an 09.

The Hummer became a symbol of Ireland’s wealth during the boom years, and the stretch version was a familiar sight at debs and weddings.

– Andrew Phelan

Source: Herald.ie

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