Help with Selling my used car

These days Selling a car is easier then ever. 
By selling private you can make 1000-3000 Euro more on the car then as a trade-in for your next car.
Following the points below, you should have your car sold fairly quick and easy.

So lets get started. You have a used car to sell, you know how much you paid for it, you also know how long you have it for and roughly how many miles have done. Nobody knows the condition it’s in but yourself so lets see what we can do to help you move this car quick enough.

  • Start by browsing on-line or through the papers looking for the exact make, model and year as your car.
    If your car is rare enough then look for same model and make but 1-2 year younger and/or 1-2 year older taking notes of the prices you have found, and taking notes about the conditions those cars are in.
    If dates are available since the car has been advertised like we have on our website, make notes of them too.
  • Based on findings, you should be able to set a price for your own used car.
    We know you might think that your car is worth more than what those statistics gives, but that’s only in your heart.
    Cars are not valued based on your feelings, but based on the market value, the time of the year (e.g. convertibles are cheaper in the winter, than mid summer season), the condition its in, mileage, looks, etc.
  • Now setting a price for your used car should be fairly easy.
    Based on what you found in your research and depending on how fast you want to sell it, set the price just above the minimum found if you are happy with it and add 2-300 Euro to it to allow negotiation.
    Buyers love negotiating a price, and getting a car cheaper than it has been advertised for, makes them think they have struck a better deal than they were expecting.
    Now you might encounter bargain hunters, but hey is your car, you set the price, and you know how much you want to take for it, so just be straight to the point.
    Learn when to stop the negotiation and say “NO” .
    Don’t let buyers insult you with a price that is probably way below the value of the car.
    Learn to walk away from a deal if is not satisfactory.
    This rules applies to Buying as well.
  • Get the car cleaned.
    You can book it into a Valeting garage and have it professionally cleaned or you can grab some gloves, a cloth, the hoover and few bottles of cleaning stuff and do it yourself.
    A clean car gives the buyer the confidence of a looked after vehicle which is a very important selling point.
  • Now is time to advertise it.
    You can start by advertising your car on our websites – Sell your car – also the other few websites available in Ireland.
    Prices for advertising on the net could vary from Free Add to 30 or 40 euro. 
    Believe it or not most searches for a used carstarts on the internet.
    The advantage of internet is that you can add more images to your ad and give a better description (selling points), where papers tend to limit the amount of text you can use and let you add an image at an extra cost.
    Very important: If you decided to advertise it on the internet, make sure you have few images available.
    Don’t just use up an ad describing the car.
    As we all know an image says a thousand words.
    Put yourself in the buyers position when searching for a car – would you prefer to see an image attached to the ad or not. I like to believe you do.
    Make the ad title attractive not just Ford Fiesta, try to be more creative like Ford Fiesta 1.2L ** Very Reliable Car **, also ad words like CHEAP, TAXED, NCT, but only if they turn out to be true and don’t abuse it. The title of the ad is very important as it makes it stand out from the crowd.
    Don’t forget to include a phone number to the ad and check the details twice making sure they are correct.
    Advertising on the net will also give you the option to receive queries by email, but before you do that, check the website by looking at a few adds, making sure your email is not displayed in plain text otherwise you’ll be ending up receiving a lot of spam and useless information that you have never subscribed to.
    If you can not take calls while at work, mentioned that in your ad or divert your phone to a mail-box.
  • The phone is ringing, what should I do, what should I say.
    Just to take the call as you normally do.
    There is nothing scary about it, you have a car for sale and potential buyers are calling to get more details. Give as much details as you can.
    The buyers will ask a lot of questions, be polite and give them an accurate answer.
    You might find that some questions are blunt or doesn’t make any sense to you, be polite and ask the caller to repeat the question. Some callers might ask you “What’s the final price?” – That in my view ( I could be wrong) is a trick question.
    The reason some will ask you is to get a negotiating price start.
    Let’s say you have the car advertised for 5000.00 Euro and you are prepared to take 4700.00 for it (probably less), so when the caller ask you for the final price you say 4700.00.
    Now he/she comes around to see the car, takes it for a drive, checks it out and decides to buy it.
    You probably expect your negotiation to start from 5000.00, price you have it in your add, but in the buyer point of view he/she will start from 4700.00 the final price you gave them on the phone.
    So the point I am trying to make is: Don’t give a final price over the phone.
    How can you ask for a final price when you haven’t even seen the car?
    A proper answer to that question will be – “I am prepared to negotiate, but not over the phone.
    Drop around, have a look and check it out, then we can talk.
  • Now you have got the buyers coming around to see the car by appointment – make sure you have the keys and all the necessary documentation handy.
    When they arrive, show them the car and step back giving them space to talk about it in private and let them have a look around and don’t just hand the keys over going inside the house.
    For what we know they could be anybody so pay attention.
    Buyers would like to take the car for a drive, make sure you go with them.
  • If the buyer decides to purchase your car but doesn’t have all the money available, make sure you get a non-refundable deposit to secure it.
    Give them a receipt for the down payment and make sure you write how long will that cover it for.
    You don’t want to take a deposit for a car for three months do you?
    A week or two max should be enough. Now-a-days finance packages are sorted out in less then 24 hours.
    Also write down the last price you have agreed on so  a basic receipt should look like this:

    Seller Details: Buyer Details:

    Car Details:

    Sold for:
    Deposit taken:
    Deposit available for:

    Seller Signature:


    Car Details: 

    Bought for:
    Deposit paid:
    Deposit available for:

    Buyer Signature:


  • This is far from being a complete article and we are still working on it but the basics are here so we hope you find this information useful and we would like to wish a “Quick Sale“. 
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