Double scrappage deal from Renault Ireland

On the 18 Sept. 2009 Renault Ireland launches the new National Scrappage Scheme to “JUMPSTART” Irish car industry.

Renault Ireland today announced the launch of a national scrappage scheme for the Irish market. Irish motorists can cash in on a €1,500 scrappage scheme which is redeemable on the purchase of any new Renault car and light commercial vehicles when you scrap your car with any Renault dealer nationwide. The scheme is for motor vehicles of all makes and models that are over eight years old. The offer comes in addition to a trade-in allowance also in place across the Renault range.

Renault has successfully implemented similar schemes in other European countries with both consumers and the local car industry benefiting from the scheme. While the Irish Government stalls on introducing a much needed scrappage scheme, Renault and its Network have seized the initiative to meet the needs of Irish motorists.

Commenting on the announcement, Eric Basset, Managing Director, Renault Ireland, said, “The Irish car industry is struggling in the current economic climate due to diminished consumer purchase power and the lack of available credit. We have successfully run similar schemes in other European countries and Renault and its Network are delighted to be spearheading a scrappage scheme for Irish motorists.”

For those looking for quality, safety and ecology, this is the best opportunity to buy a new car at the best prices. Full details of the Renault Ireland’s national scrappage scheme can be found on or

At last the Government has followed Renault’s lead which means you can avail the Government scrappage scheme and Renault scrappage scheme.

With Renault scrappage scheme you can get 1500.00 EUR allowance on any car aged 8 year or older as well as up to 3100.00EUR trade-in allowance on any models from any brand.

With the Government Scrappage Scheme, you can save up to a further 1500.00EUR on top of the Renault Scrapage Scheme if the car is 10 years or older

If you would like to find out more, why don’t you visit Renault website -> Here

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3 Users Responded in " Double scrappage deal from Renault Ireland "

Mai said,  

Dear Sir,

I am thinking of scrapping my old Fiat Punto (1997 model) sometime this year. It is due to go in for the NCT this month and I will await the results of that.
I am wondering can I avail of the scrappage deal?

Kind regards,


Tessa Gillen said,  

i have a santa fe 2ltdsl nct late 11 and may consider a
scenic dsl.I would like to know how much it would cost.
my car is clean response a.s.a.p.

Windsor motors is providing scrappage scheme only upto 30th June in which they will take 10 year old car and will give best possible discount on new cars.Visit

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