Celebrity Car Crashes – Near Escapes

As infallible as celebrities may seem to us mere mortals, many of them have experienced car crashes that have been near escapes. While some have occurred as a result of negligent driving on the behalf of the celebrity, others have happened due to sheer idiocy. Regardless of the cause, each event has stood as a mishap that has shook fans worldwide.

Barely a month goes by when the unpredictable Charlie Sheen hits the headlines, and in the year of 2010 he shocked fans worldwide when he crashed two of his cars in the cliffs of Hollywood Hills. In both February and July, Sheen plunged two cars off the Hollywood Hills cliffs. Despite each crash being horrific in terms of damage, Sheen managed to escape with his life. This was much to the surprise of the Los Angeles police force, who found his Mercedes at the bottom of Sherman Oaks cliff.

Closely following Charlie Sheen’s epic performance on the road is the rap star once known as ‘Lil Bow Wow’. While on a blazing night out with fellow rap star Chris Brown, Bow Wow decided he would like to tweet to their fans that he was drunk and ready to let Chris take the wheel. Moments later the star was involved in a near crash, which is apparently what spurred him to allow Chris to drive.

While the alcohol-fuelled exploits of Lil Bow Wow and Chris Brown are shocking enough, George Michael managed to pull his own drug-driven stunt in London. After smoking copious amounts of marijuana, the British singer managed to crash his car into a Snappy Snaps store in the capital. Despite his car being a total write-off, George managed to escape the disaster with only a few minor injuries.

Finally, one of Britain’s most unlucky celebrity car crashes is that of Cristiano Ronaldo. As the Manchester United footballer drove through his team’s city towards the airport, he wrote off a £200,000 car he had only just purchased. Thankfully the star was not hurt, and was able to continue with his footballing career afterwards.

No matter what the cause, all of the above celebrity car crashes serve as a stark reminder to all of us and highlight the importance of taking caution on the road is a necessity.

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