Buying a Car in Ireland

Buying a Car in Ireland

Buying a car in Ireland is in many ways similar to any other western country.

New cars must have Vehicle Registration Tax, motor insurance and motor tax before you can drive them away. It is the showroom`s duty to arrange the Registration and tax, while naturally the buyer must sort out the insurance. Ireland`s cars also have a label with information about the engine`s carbon emissions, allowing the buyer to make an environmentally friendly purchase.

When it comes to second-hand vehicles, many customers buy from a brand dealership or a garage. Customers buying for personal use have the same consumer protection under Irish law as when buying new. If you find there`s a fault with the car the seller has the responsibility to get it fixed. Ireland has the National Consumer Agency who monitor consumer rights and a visit to their website might answer any potential buying concerns.
However buying from a private individual, as opposed to a garage, is more inherently risky. The price may be lower but the seller is a private individual and not a business. Therefore he is not subject to the same legalities as a commercial venture. Make sure you are happy with the vehicle before committing. If you are not lucky enough to have car mechanic as a friend, it might be worthwhile calling in the AA or a similar motoring organisation for a vehicle check. In Ireland this can be done easily over the Internet with a quote for the inspection fee.
The situation is also different if buying at an auction. Remember the auction house staff are usually not mechanics. If the buyer discovers any problems after the gavel has banged on the table that will be his problem and not the auctioneer. It seems common sense then that bidders make sure they have perused the terms and conditions and had a good poke under the bonnet. There again take a friendly mechanic or speak with your motoring organisation.

Thankfully we are now living in the information age and web sites like Funky Motors offer free vehicle history reports. Simply key in the registration number into the computerised search engine and the car`s history will be with you in moments. A huge database of cars currently on the market, both from commercial and private sellers, is also online, complete with photographs. There is even a price comparison site to help the buyer calculate a fair price.
In Ireland, once a car has passed its fourth birthday it must have a certificate or roadworthiness every two years. Remember the owner must book the test, so don`t forget!

In conclusion when searching for used cars for sale in Ireland, know your consumer rights, consider expert advice and take advantage of the Internet.

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