A New Search Engine – Cuil.com

I’ve heard on the news that a new search engine has been launched www.cuil.com, so I visited the website to see what is all about.

Owned by few ex-Google staff, I thought is going to be good, so I gave it a run searching for “Used Cars Ireland” and I was delighted to see that they do find our website www.funkymotors.ie relevant for that query, but where is this new search engine pulling the images from?

I mean, look at the image that is displayed beside our website description:


I could be wrong, but I don’t remember having that image uploaded to our server.

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4 Users Responded in " A New Search Engine – Cuil.com "

Keith said,  

I checked it out too… and was not really that impressed.

God knows where the images are coming from and it was unresponsive at times too.

I think I’ll stick with Google.

FunkyMotors.ie said,  

Same here Keith.

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